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07/27/10 02:53 PM #7    


Alex Hernandez

I agree with all about the great work done on this website.  Beverly, you really need to get with the program and post some pictures. 

08/13/10 02:10 PM #8    


John Shaw

Great job, Fred. Glad to see someone possesses these computer skills!!! 

                                             Hope to see all at the reunion.


08/16/10 05:33 PM #9    


Joe Solis

Hey Fred this cool. I've seen pics of people I haven't seen in years and they all look real nice. Sorry I'll miss this one, but the memories are with me. Good job on this site.

08/23/10 12:17 PM #10    

Toni Thomasson

Hello all,

I'm really looking forward to the reunion - visiting with friends, eating some seafood, and smelling the salt air!


09/02/10 01:38 AM #11    


Simon Benavides

Hello folks - don't know if I will make the reunion due to work commitments.  Just wondering - I thought I had read that Jimmy Britt had died in a car accident back in the 80's(?) or early 90's(?).  Can anyone confirm this?  If I don't make it - regards and best wishes to all.  Thanks Fred for all your work.

09/09/10 04:19 PM #12    

Twinkle Johnson

We really need to hear from more people.  Please come and share the fun with us.  Four classes are having reunions at the game, so tickets may be limited.  Plus we need a head count for the food on Saturday.  If you have not done so, e-mail me ASAP.  Thanks.

Twinkle Johnson

09/13/10 03:57 PM #13    


Alex Hernandez

Gee Fred this was a great idea.  However, the only person I don't see any message from is the one in charge, Vicki Morris Whitaker.  I looked her up on facebook also, and she's not on; btw, I'm on facebook for those who care to sign up.  I missed both meetings that you posted, due to a conflict in schedule.  Vicki Brown yelled at me for not signing up.  I guess I could just walk over to her office, which I will. 

09/14/10 02:12 PM #14    


Alex Hernandez

Just to clear the record, Vicki Brown yelled because she was across the street from her I live visiting her lovely mom, my neighbor.

09/19/10 07:37 PM #15    


Alex Hernandez

Now that it is all over, we should probably ask for input on the reunion.  Personally, I think that the committee did an outstanding job.  I loved everything but the rain.  Who the hell ordered the rain?  The Good Lord did, I know full well, so I bite my tongue. 

I know that Vicki and Twinkle, and others, may not agree, but I think that we should plan something on a yearly basis. 

I would like to ask for input for all others.  I suspect that because the reunion is so fresh on our minds we can get some input from all those that loved to see their old classmates; and, my use of the word "old" is so appropriate. 



09/20/10 07:22 AM #16    

Toni Thomasson

 To everyone who worked on the reunion . . . thank you, thank you.  I had a great time - it was so nice to visit with everyone.  Everything was perfect - even the rain!  The band was amazing.  Can't wait to see our photos!  

On the subject of future reunions, I could see having an annual all-class reunion, maybe just one event. But for just our class, I think every five years is good.  Ten years seems too long to wait.

Thanks again, for the memories!




09/20/10 10:02 AM #17    


Barbara Hennesey (Moreland)

What a wonderful reunion! I so enjoyed "coming home" and re-connecting. Very nice to see everyone and what a treat to say hello to Coach Goff, Coach and Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Fisher!  THANK YOU so very much to all the planners - you could not have done any better! Even the rain was tolerable for such a special occasion. I look forward to the 5 year reunions and hope more of our classmates join. Fred, sure hope you can keep this site running!

09/20/10 01:23 PM #18    


Debbie Bonnet (Riley)

What a great site this is! I love it. Thanks to all of you who made the class reunion such a great success. John and I had a wonderful time catching up with our classmates! Can't wait for the next event.

09/20/10 05:02 PM #19    


Mary Lou Cano (Muse)

It was an awesome reunion... had a wonderful time seeing and catching up with classmates. I think even my husband had a good time! Thanks to everyone who was behind the scene and did all the leg work. You are greatly appreciated... I wish I didn't live so far to have pitched in. I agree with Alex lets do something once a year... life is too short and we are not getting any younger. 

Thanks Fred!

09/20/10 06:44 PM #20    


Cynthia Tanner (Quinn)

A Big Thank You to all of you who helped plan this reunion.  It was great.  I didn't realize how much I had missed everyone.  My only wish is that more could have come and that the weather had been better.  (Fred the website is just great)   

09/25/10 01:57 PM #21    


Vickie Brown (Campbell)

Sorry I'm just getting to this, but had surgery last week.  Doing good now and trying to catch up.  What a wonderful time we had.  You could just see it on everyones faces.  Now Alex, aren't  you glad I yelled at you!!!LOl I will find you on fb.  The fun started with the meetings to plan this 40th reunion and the fun lasted till the last man left.  Thanks to Alan for staying till everything was done to lock up.  Thanks also to Criag and Alan for the special drink orders, you guys rock!!! Thanks to Twinkle for taking care of the T-Shirts, I was so proud to wear.  Charlene, thanks for your early morning decorating, it was perfect, and I hope you get all your stuff back.  Thanks to Vicki Whitaker for offering her office for meetings and drop offs and pic ups I know it got a little crazy.  And so many others that worked to make this such a success that I'm not remembering now.  Sheryl, Terry, Dana, Pam, Beverly, Donna, Betty, John, and Martha.  Also, a big thanks to Fred for making this website, so that we can stay in touch.  I've got lots of fun pic's and will work on getting them to you as soon as I can.  Please forgive me if I've forgotten anyone I should be thanking.

Love to all,

Vickie Brown Campbell

09/26/10 01:36 PM #22    


Judy Phillips (Butler)

What an absolute fabulous time.  It was so great to see everyone.  As others have said, yes, even the rain was tolerable - Certainly made it memorable!  Hats off to everyone who had a hand it making this reunion possbile.  You did an outstanding job and your countless hours of work are definitely appreciated.  The band was great!  Sheryl - loved Delta Dawn!

Fred - thank you so much for the Web.  It's a great way to stay in touch!

Judy Phillips Butler

01/03/11 10:19 AM #23    


Ted Dunnam

Hello to all,

Yes the reuion was  "groovy"  . i most certainly enjoyed seeing everyone. The next one should be in 5 years , we are all getting kinda old!!!!

06/27/11 06:20 PM #24    

Pamela Williams (Salcines)

Oh my gosh! I hadn't even noticed and I work there.  I am in the gym almost everyday.  The dressing rooms are still there.  They have just been remodeled.  The girls took over the boys' dressing rooms.  The boys got booted to another building.  The other side, that used to be dressing rooms, got turned into a long distance learning computer lab. 

The bleachers have changed but not the windows!  They look the same!  They did air condition the place! 

I guess that they used the same building plans for a lot of those old structures!  The resemblance is uncanny! 


Pam Salcines



03/27/12 04:27 PM #25    

Pat Petrisky

Fellow classmates,

Barry Beureshausen and the Moods will be featured tonight on the web:

From: Jim Sinner <>
Sent: Tue, March 27, 2012 11:39:37 AM
Subject: re: tonight on the Time Machine on topshelfoldies

Tonight, Tuesday, March 27th, from 8 to about 11:15 p.m., I will be hosting the Time Machine on  We will be playing the wide variety of music for which topshelfoldies is famous.  Our oldest song is from 1947; our newest song is from 2011.  As always, we will be playing some rockabilly, doowop, soul, garage, instrumentals, girl groups, and other types of music.  Our featured band tonight is the Moods from Luling, Texas, a group that organized in 1959, and is still active today.  We will be playing 10 Moods songs on the show.  Barry Beuershausen of the Moods will be introducing the Moods' songs - thank you Barry.  Thank you to Charlene Whiteside for her help in making the Moods' portion of tonight's show a reality.  We recorded the show at Lee Michael Demsey's studio so it is a Memorex moment.  We hope you can join Barry and me tonight, as we celebrate the Moods, and play lots of other great music.

07/14/12 10:51 AM #26    

Jesse Trevino

Hey Mr. Fred Rhodes, When is the next Reunion ? I havent been to one yet. I like to be there all the time.

Let me know ,ok. See, ya !

09/14/13 01:26 PM #27    


Mary Lou Cano (Muse)

Good question! When is our next reunion?

08/22/14 04:40 PM #28    


Bruce Whalen

Yes I think once every 2 years would be great .

03/25/15 12:53 PM #29    

Vicki Morris (Whitaker)

Dear Classmates,

The hometown crew is working on having a class reunion this year. We are planning for the reunion to be on the Homecoming Game weekend. The coaches haven't posted the date yet. John Shaw is checking with Coach Whitaker  for the date.

See you at the Reunion, time is flying by so fast. Everyone come and just have a fun time.

Vicki Morris Whitaker

03/26/15 10:25 AM #30    


Pam Blevins (Hammons)

Homecoming weekend sounds good to me. Thanks Hometown Crew for planning our reunion. All past reunions have been great. You always do a good job. 

03/26/15 03:14 PM #31    


Marie Manuel (Cantwell)

Please let me know when as I would love to attend a reunion!  I have to work it around my schedule at work, but that can be done.  It would be exciting to see everybody again.

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